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Transforming Art Through Journeys
~ Mahaveer Swami

 It is evident from the traces of our civilisation that how thoughtful elements and their carriage through any scholar had happened. In Indian ways of painting traditions have always witnessed a style quite opposite to what we could see in western traditions. It is interestingly also a documentation of various other statements compiled for ideologies lived for numerous years.

Mahaveer Swami, an artist of fine sensibility for Indian settings in paintings has been carrying traditions with exquisite usage of experimentation. His breathings into foreign air have made him more conscious of that very element of contrast. It subtly soothes the visual experience of any observer to see two traditions building a newer narrative.

His countryside visits into the serene lands of South Korea and France has resulted tranquil visual experiences. One can observe botanical detailing merging into traditional Indian style of paintings with contrasting backdrops or sometimes with intuitive subjects that only an insightful artist could depict.

Mahaveer Swami has been observing his consciousness for subsequent two years and achieved a mastery to once again challenge the extension of subtlety in his transformation.

Sadhu With Birds Linden Tree Leaves Cat 2 The Apple 1 Rabbit 2

Again Morning Series
~ Park Sung Yu

“In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp-bearers.

And the lamp is waiting to be lighted once again for illumination in the east.”

Park’s “Again Morning” reflects a poem by Rabindra Nath Tagore, who once wrote for Korea in 1929.

Korea has been called as a land of morning calm and India has been the origin of human history in many fields. Two artists from each country are sharing their love for nature and to share it with others.

Simple objects found in wild fields are boldly focused on Korean Traditional Paintings, but again on simple backgrounds. This is a simplicity that Sung Yu Park have maintained to ease the eyes and deeply affluence heart of any spectator.

We, participants, all may enjoy and get blessed in the new year illuminated by two lamp bearers in the Art.

Again Morning 11 Again Morning 4 Glee Again Morning 2 Again Morning 3